Supervision and assessment

Internship mentor/coach (Helicon school) 

Each Helicon school provides students with an internship mentor/coach. This is a teacher from the school the student is attending. During the internship this person will contact you by phone or email to reflect on the student’s progress. Do not hesitate to contact the internship mentor/coach if you have any questions or comments. You can find the name of the internship mentor/coach on the first letter you have received from Helicon. 

Internship coordinator (Helicon organisation) 

The internship coordinator of Helicon Opleidingen overall manages and supports the students and internship mentors/coaches during the internship. The internship coordinator is also responsible for the internship policy at Helicon. If you have any questions about the internship in general, please contact our internship coordinator. You can find the contact information of the internship coordinator in the first letter you have received or at the contactpage.

Internship supervisor (company) 

The internship supervisor is the supervisor provided by the work placement. As internship supervisor and internship company it is important to uphold the following conditions set by Helicon Opleidingen and S-BB

The student outlines, together with the internship mentor/coach and the internship company, learning goals they want to acquire during the internship. The internship company enables the student to achieve the agreed goals; 

The internship supervisor offers the student a safe workplace that corresponds with their education or training. The student will carry out the profession with the corresponding tasks and requirements; 

The internship company provides a good internship supervisor, who has good insight in the profession and is able to coach and manage the student on the work-floor. The internship company will make time and resources available for the internship supervisor to carry out these tasks. 

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