Insurrance and liability

The internship company is liable for damages that the student may suffer at the time of the internship or activities related to the Internship, as well as any damage that the student in the performance of his duties during the internship or activities related to the internship inflicts on the (property of the) internship company or (the property of) third parties, unless the damage to a large extent is the result of willful misconduct or gross negligence of the student. In that case the student or parents are liable.  

Helicon has no liabilities whatsoever to damage caused to the student, the internship company or third parties during the execution of the internship. 

Helicon has purchased group insurance for students. This is an insurance against the financial risks of liability, against damages to the internship company or to third parties but also against accidents during work and travel time, as far as the internship company does not have insurances itself to cover these matters. The insurance does not apply in the following:  

a. Students whose work placement is on the property of their parents.  

b. Students with a contract; the internship company should purchase the necessary insurance. Helicon's liability is limited in all cases to the conditions and the based heron coverage in the insurance policy of Helicon. This means that liability is limited to the amount to be paid by the insurance company of Helicon.  

The insurance for work placement risks applies for companies within and outside Europe. Internship companies outside Europe must be reported by Helicon to the insurance company because the student will be issued with a certificate of insurance of the insurance company. The student has to take the certificate with him to the internship company outside Europe. It is of vital importance that the student undertakes the necessary precautions concerning the certificate before the internship starts 

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