Internship and job-shadow

Every year Helicon applies for an Erasmus + KA1 project. With this, more than 110 students receive an allowance covering travel and accommodation expenses when they go abroad in Europe for their internship.

Erasmus+ enables teachers to do a job shadow in Europe. They learn and work at foreign schools and companies. Helicon offers about 15 teachers this opportunity each year.


Helicon is also interested in participating in Erasmus+ KA2 projects in strategic partnerships.

The last two years we participated in two projects:



A drone is a remote-controlled aircraft. This phenomenon is exploited in various sectors, such as: construction infrastructure, movie and television, precision agriculture and water management. The use of drones is a very relevant development for our programs and the study and career choices for pupils and students.

Helicon has developed teaching materials with various partner schools in Europe over the past two years and has conducted various training courses. In this way we have inspired each other and provided tools to make education up to date.

Partners: CECE Spain, Green Academy Aarhus Denmark, EFA La Malvesia Spain, Tirantes The Netherlands, Erifo Italy. 

Visit de website of the project.

Personalized Learning

ATO Scholenkring, Helicon VMBO Den Bosch and the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch started the international Personalized Learning project in 2017.

The project started with partners from Sweden, England, Poland and Finland in October 2017 with a kick-off meeting in 's-Hertogenbosch. Two years later we were proud of wonderful results made in co-creation.

The project developed handy tools for the teacher and the school director for a more personalized approach in education. Materials have been developed concerning school profile, teacher profile, the school building and the supporting IT infrastructure and teacher training.

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