About Helicon

Helicon provides green education. As a Vocational Education and Training centre (VET) we offer a wide range of studies and courses in Animal care, Agriculture, Environmental Science, Food, Flowers, Green living environment and Sustainability in urban life.

We are situated in the southern Netherlands with 12 schools: 4 preparatory secondary schools and 8 schools for Vocational Education and Training (VET). We currently have 900 employees, 6,500 students and 500 participants on professional courses.

We really want to make a difference for our students! By embracing differences and using a lot of didactic variaton we provide students various ways to explore the world. We encourage our students to collaboration, entrepreneurship and reflection. In daily learning we involve local and international business. By working together with companies students and teacher have real-life experiences.

Our students get prepared to the job market (labour or continued studies. Either way Helicon teaches students to take responsibility in working on (solving?) regional and global issues in the areas of nutrition, sustainability and quality of life.

Lifelong learning

We aim to be a lifelong educational partner. In the field of agriculture, forestry and gardening we offer customised vocational training. We also provide basic training for working conditions and safety.


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